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Who Danced On National Television And Embarassed Herself?

April 9, 2007

Someone sent me a link on youtube entitled Tessie Aquino Oreta says “Sorry”. Since I don’t have cable television I have not watched what apparently many others have. I clicked on the link and watched the post. I thought it was a pretty good thing, until I read all the comments from those who have viewed the clip. Read the rest of this entry ?


Who Cares for Pasig’s Poorest?

March 2, 2007

They are medical doctors and pastors rolled into one. He is also one of the founding directors of the Real Life Foundation. The effectiveness of their ministry is due to a focused strategy.  Their area of focus is Pasig more particularly among the students of Rizal High School.

Rizal High School is located at Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue, Caniogan, Pasig City, Metro Manila. It has been cited by he Guinness Book of World Records as the “largest high school in the world” since 1993. Today, it has a student population of more than 25,000.

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Who Dresses Up As Captain Hook, Jungle Trekkers, Rock Stars…..

February 27, 2007

Jack and the Beanstalk, X-Men, High Schoolers in a Musical, Golum, Eskimos, Penguins, Shrek, Egyptians and many others?”

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Who Just Celebrated His 50th B-day with President Arroyo…,

February 24, 2007

US Ambassador Kristie Kenny, Senator Manny Villar, MMDA Chief Bayani Fernando and other luminaries?

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Who Cares for Manila’s Poorest?

February 20, 2007

They came almost 4 years ago and today they have planted over 100 churches with accompanying pre-schools and micro-financing in the direst places in Metro Manila.

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In Good Company – My first entry.

February 18, 2007

My family is questioning the sanity my plans of having yet another blog (my fourth). As I have pointed out in a past blog – Compartments in my life – I thrive better in having compartments rather than having a handbag. After all I am a man.

More than another blog this is just another compartment. It is just easier for me to do it this way.

This compartment (blog) is dedicated to the wonderful people I meet. I hate to lose the memories I have as I encounter these people in the course of a day as a minister and often just as an earth dweller.

A final reason is I would like to leave the tracks for my family and friends. Tracks of people whose values, work and friendship I have been privileged to know of and in many instances learn and benefit from.