Who Dresses Up As Captain Hook, Jungle Trekkers, Rock Stars…..

February 27, 2007

Jack and the Beanstalk, X-Men, High Schoolers in a Musical, Golum, Eskimos, Penguins, Shrek, Egyptians and many others?”

“Whatever it takes!” That’s their motto. Week in week out this team of volunteers turn a room for 250 kids into a surprise. Some weekends kids ages 9-12 cannot wait to arrive to see what the surpirse will be.

On certain days the place is transformed into a look a like set for Narnia, the following weekend it looks like a pirates ship, the North Pole, a jungle complete with live plants. It is quite an amazing feat.

What’s really amazing is this weekly trnasformation is done by a team of volunteers. They come on Saturdays to work on the props discuss the costumes, lights, make-up when necessary, script and object lessons.

All with the intent of engaging these boys and girls with Bible truth presented in a way that is “un-boring”.

Every now and then I see these guys in action when I am at the building on Saturdays. The team is made up of men and women. Mostly young, single and some older married. Together they inspire, teach, model and impart a life of service to the next generation.

They are the men and women of Kid’s Church at Victory Christian Felowship at Fort Bonifacio. Visit them on Sundays at the Every Nation Building’s lower ground floor.

See them at work in this chronicle of pictures: Whatever It Takes!

See also:   Genie Out of the Lamp


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